AMD was the Fastest Growing Tech Company in America in 2020, Beating Apple and NVIDIA

AMD showed the highest brand value growth in the US among all tech companies, beating giants like Apple, NVIDIA, and Intel. Over the last few years, Team Red’s yearly revenue has been growing at a consistent rate of approximately 50% (YoY). However, when looking at the brand value growth, AMD achieved a whopping 89% in 2020, just ahead of Apple’s 87%, beating NVIDIA and Intel by a large margin.


The brand value is decided by a company’s revenue projections, stock market prospects, and performance across various portfolios. Lately, AMD has been checking all the right boxes. The Q4 revenue was a 10 year high, the stock price is also at an all-time high (around $90) and the company offers the fastest gaming CPUs and GPUs in the PC market.

The recently launched Ryzen 5000 processors snatched the gaming crown from Intel after several years of wait, while the launch of the RDNA 2 based Radeon RX 6000 GPU put the company right back in the enthusiast graphics card market. Furthermore, both the previous and next-gen consoles are powered by AMD’s CPU and GPU architectures, bolstering the company’s claims of being the center of the gaming industry.

That’s not all though. AMD has signed a deal with Samsung which will allow the latter to use RDNA based technology in its future SoCs, taking on Qualcomm after years of lagging behind. Similarly, in the Data Center, AMD’s Epyc Milan processors and the Radeon Instinct GPUs go toe-to-toe against their Intel and NVIDIA rivals, offering a much better price-to-performance ratio while also clearly winning in most benchmarks.


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