AMD Van Gogh APU w/ 512 RDNA 2 GPU Cores on 7nm Process Reportedly Coming Soon

All of AMD’s latest APUs including the newer Cezanne lineup still leverage the older Vega graphics with up to 8 GCN ALUs on the 7nm node. However, that is all set to change with the launch of the Van Gogh APUs, sometime in the second half of the year. According to info obtained by Mydrivers, the Van Gogh APUs will feature up to 8 RDNA 2 CUs or 512 ALUs.

We already know that Van Gogh will include up to four 7nm Zen 2 cores, with an overall TDP of 7.5W to 18W. This puts the new APU lineup right against Intel’s Tiger Lake-U lineup. Although the latter has a better core architecture, the RDNA 2 graphics on Van Gogh should be much more superior.

The Van Gogh APUs will come with support for both LPDDR4X as well as LPDDR5 memory which should help improve the graphics performance by boosting the memory bandwidth. After Van Gogh, we’ll see Rembrandt next year with the same Zen 3 cores, but instead of Vega, we’re looking at an RDNA GPU. Furthermore, it’ll also be based on an enhanced variant of the 7nm node (possibly with EUV).



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