AMD to Start Trial Production of 5nm Zen 4 CPUs in 2021; Launch in 2022

TSMC’s 5nm EUV technology which recently debuted in Apple’s custom silicon is the most advanced process node in the industry. It won’t be long before other prominent chipmakers start utilizing it to produce a new class of power-efficient processors, roughly 30-35% faster than the existing 7nm parts. Out of TSMC’s long list of clients, AMD will be the next one to utilize the 5nm EUV node, with trial production for the Zen 4 parts starting in 2021.

Mass production for the same will start in early 2022, followed by the launch of the new chips in the same time frame. At present, roughly 85-90% of TSMC’s 5nm capacity is being utilized with Apple being the sole customer and Huawei’s HiSilicon chip division effectively cut off due to US sanctions.

As already explained in an earlier post, Intel is also going to outsource part of its consumer CPUs to TSMC’s 5nm EUV foundries, with NVIDIA and Qualcomm also following suit. Although Samsung is working hard to retain the two clients by introducing GAA technology to its fabrication technologies, it’s still expected to lag behind TSMC by around 20% in the advanced manufacturing segment.



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