AMD to Record Highest Growth Rate of 65% Among Chipmakers in 2021, Intel w/ Negative Growth [Report]

AMD is expected to top the annual revenue growth rate chart for 2021 with a massive increase of 65% in earnings. Team Red is slated to lead the impressive growth rate achieved by most chipmakers in the post-COVID environment despite the shortages. AMD will be followed by MediaTek and NVIDIA with growth rates of 60% and 54%, respectively. The last two years have been absolutely fabulous for Dr. Lisa Su and Co, with record revenue reports nearly quarter.

It’s worth noting that out of the top-five semiconductor companies (by annual growth), only one is a foundry, with the other four being fabless companies, mostly relying on TSMC for their chip supply. TSMC, on the other hand, is expected to grow by a moderate 24% through 2021, coming in at #15. The highest-ranked foundry is China’s SMIC, with an expected growth rate of 39%, coming in at #5.

Meanwhile, the largest chipmakers are having a tough time. Intel is expected to show a negative growth of -1% for the year 2021. The Santa Clara-based chipmaker is positioned at the very bottom of the chart, ahead of only Sony (-3% growth). Samsung isn’t doing much better either. With an annual (expected) growth rate of 34%, much of the Korean chipmaker’s revenue is coming from its NAND and memory business. The foundry business (much like Intel) has run into a wall. The next few years will be critical for Samsung and Intel’s foundry business, potentially changing the semiconductor industry forever.

Source: ICI

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