AMD to be TSMC’s Largest 7nm Client in 2021; Apple to Get 53% 5nm Wafers

According to a report from Counterpoint Research, AMD is going to be TSMC’s largest 7nm client in 2021 with a 27% share in its 7nm-class shipments. NVIDIA comes in second with a claim of 21% shipments which is unexpected as the company only uses the 7nm node for the A100 (Tesla) Data Center accelerator, rather than its mainstream GeForce and Quadro products.

The other notable 7nm customers are MediaTek and Qualcomm with 10% and 12% of the share, respectively.

Moving on to the 5nm shipment breakdown, as you can see Apple is getting preferential treatment with the majority of the stake: ~53%. Qualcomm comes in second with less than half as many shipments (24%), followed by AMD at 5%.

AMD is expected to start the risk production of its 5nm Zen 4 chiplets in the latter half of 2021 so this kind of volume is expected. The total 5nm wafer shipments in 2021 are expected to account for 5% of all 12-inch wafers in the chipmaking industry, up from less than 1% in 2020.

In comparison, the 7nm shipments are slated to account for 11% (twice as much) of the global 12-inch wafer supply in 2021. Smartphones are expected to get the bulk of these, around 35%, followed by AMD and NVIDIA.


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