AMD to Announce Ryzen 4000 (Zen 3) CPUs and Big Navi (RDNA 2) on 8th and 28th October

After months of rumors and anticipation, AMD has finally teased its upcoming Zen 3 CPUs and Navi 2x GPUs. The former is set to be announced on the 8th of October while the latter on the 28th of October:

The Ryzen 4000 and Epyc Milan processors based on the Zen 3 core architecture are expected to bring significant improvements on the single-threaded performance front. We already know that Zen 3 powered chips will see an 8 core CCX design with unified L3 cache and a variety of features aimed at fine-tuning the boost clocks and gaming capabilities. You can read more about Zen 3 here:

RDNA 2, on the other hand, will primarily be a refresh of RDNA 1 with better performance per watt, ray-tracing support and higher API feature-level. This is the same architecture powering both the next-gen consoles and as such should perform on the same level as the RTX 3080 (Big Navi). You can read more about RDNA 1 and 2 here:


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