AMD to Allegedly Implement Intel’s 15th Gen Arrow Lake APX Instructions in 2028

It's time for AVX512 round 2. This time it's called APX or AVX10.

A while back, Intel shared its plans to revamp its advanced instruction classification as part of the AVX10 instruction set, adding support for AVX512 workloads on both P and E-cores. Before proceeding, it’s worth remembering that while Intel’s 13th Gen Core processors lack support for AVX512, AMD’s Zen 4-based Ryzen 7000 and Epyc Genoa offer support.

Intel will be renaming its advanced instructions as part of the APX family, expected to debut with the 15th Gen Arrow Lake processors in 2024. While Team Blue is expected to properly support AVX10 by 16th Gen Lunar Lake, AMD will delay it to the seventh generation, slated to land in 2028.

It’s worth noting that AVX512 is already supported on the latest Ryzen and Epyc processors, and AMX should also be added in 2026 with the release of the Zen 6 family. Crucial to AI and neural workloads, these instructions will be a major addition to the Epyc data center family.

How important APX and AVX10 become remains to be seen. However, at the time of time, it’s merely a standard that is yet to see widespread adoption, much like the early days of AVX512. If history is anything to go by, it shouldn’t affect AMD’s ability to penetrate the data center market anytime soon.

Source: HXL.


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