AMD Threadripper 7000 Launch Imminent: 96 Cores Against 56 Core Intel Sapphire Rapids WS Xeon

AMD is prepping its next-gen HEDT processors to tackle Intel’s newly launched Xeon “Sapphire Rapids” Workstation lineup. With up to 96 cores, the Ryzen Threadripper 7000 CPUs will offer unprecedented performance levels in the high-end PC segment. Like the 4th Gen Epyc Genoa family, we’re looking at 12 octa-core Zen 4 CCDs paired with an upgraded I/O die featuring octa-channel DDR5 memory and 128 PCIe Gen 5 lanes.

AMD Threadripper 7000 Zen 4 Epyc Genoa

The higher-end Threadripper 7000 CPUs should have a TDP of 320W and a cTDP of 400W. The pricing will be the tricky part. Since the 5000 series parts, AMD has essentially merged its Threadripper and Threadripper Pro lineups. As such, expect fat margins and higher price points, especially for 64+ core variants.

Unlike previous lineups, there should be a clear demarcation between the HEDT and the enterprise-oriented Workstation parts. The former should feature fewer PCIe lanes and octa-channel DDR5 memory, while the latter will retain the 128 PCIe Gen 5 lanes alongside octa-channel DDR5 memory. AMD officially plans to launch the Ryzen Threadripper 7000 series in the third quarter of 2023.

SeriesAMD Ryzen Threadripper 5000AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000Intel Xeon Workstation
CodenameChagallStorm PeakSapphire Rapids
ArchitectureZen 3Zen 4Golden Cove
Maximum number of CPU cores649656
memory mediaDDR4-3200DDR5-4800DDR5-4800
Memory channels8x DDR48x DDR5 (WS)
4x DDR5 (HEDT)
8x DDR5 (W3400)
4x DDR5 (W2400)
PCIe support128x PCIe Gen4128x PCIe Gen5 (WS)
64x PCIe Gen5 (HEDT)
112x PCIe Gen5 (W3400)
64x PCIe Gen5 (W2400)
Max TDP280W320W350W
Release dateQ1 2022Q3 2023Q1 2023 (W-3400)
Q2 2023 (W-2400)


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