AMD Stocks were in the Top 10 for the 3rd Consecutive Year in the S&P 500

According to a report from Seeking Alpha, AMD has managed to remain in the top ten most rapidly growing stocks in the S&P 500 index for a third consecutive year. In 2018, the company took the third place, making strides to the topmost place in 2019 and then dropping to #9 in 2020 if all goes well.

If we look back at 2017, AMD’s shares were 30% worse than the entire S&P 500. Considering that, Team Red has made a remarkable recovery. In the coming year, AMD stock is further expected to rise past the $100 mark, and if all goes well, possibly even hit $150.

With Intel in a precarious situation with respect to its foundries, it’d be fair to say that it won’t be making any significant strides in the coming year. AMD has a slew of products lined up for 2021 from Cezanne, Warhol, Van Gogh, Lucienne, and a few other products we can’t talk about just yet.

In comparison, all Intel has got is a 14nm backport of Sunny Cove, dubbed Cypress Cove, otherwise known as 11th Gen Rocket Lake, quad-core Tiger Lake-H CPUs in the high-performance gaming market, and Ice Lake-SP, something that should have debuted in 2019.

NVIDIA’s portfolio is more aggressive. They’ve got the Super and Ti variants of the RTX 3070 and 3080, with another major generation based on the 5nm/6nm process after that. As of now, the CPU and Data Center segments along with the semi-custom departments are AMD’s best bets.


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