AMD Stocks Reach All-Time High

Things just seem to keep getting better for AMD. Recently, Team Red’s stock value touched $48, the highest it has ever been. This gives cause for AMD shareholders to celebrate, representing a roughly 450 percent increase from its $11 stock value in 2017, just before Ryzen arrived.

  • What are the key reasons behind AMD’s excellent performance in the stock market? There are both long-term structural factors and a couple of immediate reasons. (Diazepam) Let’s take a look: Stronger fundamentals: at the end of the day, any business, regardless of its sector, needs a strong product line to succeed. Ryzen has allowed AMD to compete with Intel in the consumer CPU space in a way it hasn’t done since the 2000s. Navi, meanwhile, has allowed AMD to offer the console makers-the highest volume GPU buyers-powerful, modern graphics solutions. Strong fundamentals here-being able to deliver high performing products to clients at the right price-are a key aspect of AMD’s current success.
  • Process leadership: AMD is the first PC CPU and GPU maker to build products on the 7nm process. Regardless of how advanced their CPU and GPU architectures are relative to the competition, the increased efficiency and higher transistor density offer them key advantages. AMD is now a node ahead of Nvidia and two modes ahead of Intel. If they maintain process leadership in the years to come, they will be able to deliver competitive products, simply by virtue of being on the most efficient fab process.
  • CES Hype: AMD’s CES 2020 keynote is right around the corner. Rumors have it that a whole range of new products will get official confirmation there. These range from the Renoir APU series to 2nd-gen Navi to Zen 3. People are excited about what’s to come and, for the first time in years, appear to have the confidence that AMD can deliver.


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