AMD Stock at $37.96, 13-year high on the back of Apple, Tencent announcements

AMD’s stock value is now the highest it’s been in the past 13 years. Stock prices are up now to $37.96, a 100 percent year-on-year improvement.

Much of this is down to healthy fundamentals, with AMD making major inroads into the consumer CPU market with Ryzen and carving out a portion of the high and midrange market with Navi. The recent jump, however, was driven by news that AMD has orders coming in from two heavyweights: Apple and Tencent.

It was announced recently that the 16-in Macbook Pro would feature AMD Navi RX 5300M and 5500M graphics. This wasn’t much of a surprise since AMD’s had a long-standing partnership with Apple.

What we found especially interesting was AMD’s recent partnership with Tencent. The Chinese media giant is all set to use AMD’s EPYC server cores.

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AMD’s made major headway into the enterprise HPC market and the Tencent partnership pushes this further.

All in all, the overall bullish fundamentals and these major partnerships make a $40 share value by year-end quite possible.


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