AMD Sold 7x More CPUs than Intel at MF Germany: Approx 5,000 Zen 3 Chips

As per the latest sales figures from Mindfactory (Germany), AMD sold seven times more CPUs than Intel this month. To put this into perspective, only 5,000 Intel parts were purchased in the time period while AMD sold a whopping 35,000 chips, including 5,000 of the newly launched Ryzen 5000 CPUs.


Approximately 84% of the CPUs sold in November were Ryzen parts and only 16% were from Intel. This month also saw a massive drop in Intel’s monthly revenue from the German retailer.


Traditionally, Intel’s wider profit margin would somewhat mitigate the sales deficit, but this month, most of the bestsellers were the higher-end Ryzen 3000 parts and the newly launched Ryzen 5 5600X. These offerings have roughly the same profit margin as Intel’s contemporary Comet Lake-S parts. (cobblerexpress.com)

In terms of the total number of CPUs sold, there wasn’t a single Intel chip in the top-ten list, with the Core i7-10700K managing to get to the #12th rank. The Core i9-10900K was nowhere to be seen, and nor was the 10600K. The 10850K did, however, manage to claw its way to the 20th rank.

The Steam Hardware Survey showed similar results. AMD continued its monthly gain of 1% among Steam gamers, closing in on 27%. At the current rate, AMD should cross the 30% threshold by the end of Q1 2021.


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