AMD Selling Salvaged PS5 Chips to Miners for €13,499 with a TDP of 2400W per System

ASRock has launched a new mining rig in Europe which leverages a rather unique processor. According to popular tipster Komachi Ensaka, each rig uses 12 AMD BC-250 cards which are essentially repurposed PlayStation 5 dies. These APUs have one or more defective CPU cores preventing their use in the consoles. AMD has decided to sell them to AIBs for use in mining machines for a pretty penny.

These mining rigs are rather bulky packing 12 APUs, 5 fans, and x2 1200W PSUs resulting in a total TDP of 2400W. Each costs an eye-watering €13,499, limiting them to industrial miners and corporations rather than the average basement miner. It can be described as every average ASIC solution that manages a hash rate of just 610 MH/s (50MH/s per card), netting a per day profit of just -24 ( per card). ( Going by this estimate, you’ll need more than a year to recoup your massive investment.

Via: Hardware


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