AMD Ryzen and Epyc Roadmaps Updated: Vermeer for Gamers and Enthusiasts, Milan and Genoa for Servers

AMD yesterday shared its expanded CPU roadmap for consumers and the server segments. While the former got the nod with respect to targeted launch dates, the latter got a distant outlook. We already know that the Ryzen 4000 CPUs “Vermeer” based on the Zen 3 design will debut at the end of this year. AMD basically confirmed this and further clarified that while the Zen 3 chips will leverage a more mature form of the 7nm node, it won’t be TSMC’s 7nm EUV process.

To avoid confusion over this, AMD has named its Zen 3 architecture as a 7nm chip rather than a 7nm+.

As the roadmap iterates it, the 4th Gen Ryzen CPUs are slated to launch at the end of this year. Dubbed Vermeer, these new SKUs will feature a brand new microarchitecture and thanks to the improved 7nm+ node boast notably higher operating frequencies. We can expect better gaming performance, increased overclocking potential, reduced Infinity Fabric latencies and an enhanced memory controller.

Epyc got a warmer reception with AMD announcing plans as far as 2022. After the present Rome chips, we’ll be getting Milan in late-2020/early 2021, followed by 4th Gen Genoa based on the 5nm node from TSMC. There was no mention of core counts but we expect them to increase with the latter if not the former. While Milan will leverage DDR4 memory, Genoa and Zen 4 will be designed for DDR5 memory as well as the PCIe 5 standard.

We should start hearing rumors about Milan soon enough. Cheers!


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