AMD Ryzen 9 5900 Spotted: 5900X-Like Performance for $100 Less?

Unlike the Ryzen 3000 lineup, the Ryzen 5000 processors launched without the non-X parts, meaning fewer budget options. The primary reason being that Intel didn’t have any viable options to offer as alternatives, and although Rocket Lake-S changes that, there’s still not that much pressure on AMD to launch the 5500X, 5600, or the 5700X. However, the company has launched the non-X OEM variants of the 5800X and 5900X. There’s only one difference between the two: The X models have a boost clock 100MHz higher than the non-X variants. However, the fact that the Zen 3 chips often boost higher than the spec boost clocks means that the final performance is pretty much the same.

Looking at websites of SIs and OEMs, we know that the non-X variants are more or less $100 cheaper than the standard X variants available for retail. A certain, unreliable benchmarking database (one that shall not be named) today unveiled that the 5900 (like the 5800 vs 5800X) performs nearly identical to the 5900X.

Normally, I wouldn’t pay attention to anything that that website has to say, but looking at older benchmarks, it’s reasonable to believe that the 5900 is likely going to perform the same as a 5900X and for all practical purposes is the same exact SKU.



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