AMD Ryzen 7000 Sales Plummet by >70% in the Second Week in Germany [Mindfactory]

The popularity of AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPUs has dipped sharply just two weeks into the launch. In Germany, the sales of the Zen 4 processors fell by nearly two-thirds. From 850 units in the first week, the second week’s sales figures were down to a measly 250. That’s a drop of 70% within a week of availability.

Overall, AMD still maintained a heavy lead over Intel in Germany, accounting for over 70% of the CPU DIY market in revenue and sold units. However, the LGA1700 “Alder Lake” platform gained some traction in the wake of falling Ryzen 7000 sales. Intel’s ASP (average selling price) also remained notably lower across both weeks.


In the motherboard segment, the opposite can be seen. The high-end Z690 boards from Intel are priced notably higher than rival AM4 boards, so much so that they bring in more revenue despite selling fewer units. As Intel launches its 13th Gen Raptor Lake offerings, we should see even greater competition across the desktop CPU markets.


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