AMD Ryzen 7000 PCs Boot Twice as Fast with the Latest BIOS Update

AMD’s AM5 platform suffered from multiple problems when it launched last year. DDR5 memory-related issues were among the most pressing. Many users have also been reporting exceedingly long boot times (including us). AMD seems to have taken notice, and the latest firmware allegedly cuts the boot time in half.

As reported by HXL on Twitter, the AGESA 1006 update reduces the boot time from a hefty 56 seconds to just 30 seconds. The PC in question features an ASUA ROG X670E Hero paired with a Ryzen 9 7950X3D and quad-channel DDR5 5600 MT/s 32GB*2 memory.

AMD launched the A620 chipset the other day, bringing truly affordable AM5 boards to the masses. With an MSRP of $85, these motherboards offer PCIe Gen 4 support across the dGPU and M.2 slots. On the flip side, most of these boards are mainly designed for 65W CPUs. Pairing 170W chips will limit multi-threaded performance similar to Eco Mode. That said, we should see some SKUs circumventing the limitation down the line, most likely ASRock.

Source: HXL

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