AMD Ryzen 7 7700X ~30% Faster than the 5800X, 20-25% Higher Single-Thread Performance [Cinebench R20]

The first benchmark of AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 7000 budget SKU has surfaced. The leak comes from none other than Extreme Player over at the Chinese Bilibili portal. The octa-core Ryzen 7 7700X was tested using Cinebench R20, scoring a healthy 773 and 7,701 points in the single and multi-threaded benchmarks, respectively.

This places the 7700X firmly ahead of the 5800X with a lead of 20+% in the single-threaded and 25+% in the multi-threaded benchmarks. This result should pacify critics who were concerned about the lightly threaded capabilities of the Raphael processors. AMD has officially promised a single-threaded performance gain of >15%, coming from a mix of high boost clocks and increased IPC (by 8-10%).

With that said and done, it does look like the Zen 4 family won’t offer the same kind of uplift as Zen 3, at least in content creation workloads. This 25-30% includes the benefits conferred by faster DDR5 memory, a higher TDP, and fine-tuned features of the AM5 platform. Gaming, however, might still see a healthy upgrade courtesy of the beefed-up clocks and the L3 cache (Zen 4 V-Cache).


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