AMD Ryzen 7 4700G Spotted: 8 Cores|16 Threads up to 4.45GHz and 7nm Vega Graphics

Courtesy of Videocardz, we now know that AMD’s Ryzen 4000 desktop APUs (Renoir) are indeed real. The outlet has shared a snapshot of the Ryzen 7 4700G, along with the model number which lets us confirm its specs. The APU in question is a 65W part with eight cores and sixteen threads running at a base and boost clock of 3.6GHz and 4.45GHz. It features the 7nm Vega graphics processor with eight compute units (or 512 shaders) running at an incredible 2.1GHz.

We know for a fact that AMD is working on the desktop Renoir parts with an announcement coming very soon. This is most likely a response to Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake-S processors. While the Renoir desktop chips won’t be able to offer quite the same level of gaming performance as Intel’s latest and greatest, they’ll crush them in terms of efficiency and pricing. Furthermore, an integrated graphics processor that’s nearly as powerful as the PlayStation 4 is sure to nudge many gamers in AMD’s direction. Intel’s 10th Gen lineup still features the old Gen 9.5 UHD graphics that struggles run modern games even at 720p. Here are the speculated specifications for Renoir desktop APUs:

APUCores|ThreadsBase|Boost GPU CoresGPU FrequencyTDP
Ryzen 3 4200G4/82.7GHz|4.1GHz51400MHz65W
Ryzen 5 4400G6/123.3GHz|4.3GHz61700MHz65W
Ryzen 7 4700G8/163.6GHz|4.45GHz82100MHz65W
Ryzen 7 4800G8/163.6GHz|4.45GHz82100MHz65W
Ryzen 3 4200GE4/82.5GHz|4.1GHz51400MHz35W
Ryzen 5 4400GE6/123GHz|4.1GHz61700MHz35W
Ryzen 7 4700GE8/162GHz|4.25GHz81900MHz35W
Ryzen 7 4800GE8/161.8GHz|4.35GHz82000MHz35W

AMD Ryzen 4000 “Renoir” Desktop APU Specs Leaked: 8 CPU Cores and iGPU on Par with the PS4



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