AMD Ryzen 5500U, 5700U to be Based on Zen 2, 5600U, 5800U on Zen 3 (Cezanne)

As per a Twitter source, AMD’s next-gen Ryzen 5000 mobile APUs will be based on both the Zen 2 and Zen 3 core architectures, with the former codenamed Lucienne and the latter Cezanne. The source alleges that while the Ryzen 5 5500U (6 cores/12 threads) will be based on Zen 2 and paired with Vega graphics, the 5600U (also 6 cores/12 threads) will be a Zen 3 part with Vega graphics.

Similarly, the Ryzen 7 5700U which is an octa-core part will leverage the older Zen 2 core architecture in the form of Lucienne and the 5800U will be based on the Zen 3 design, codenamed Cezanne. This sounds all too confusing and AMD should just have a different naming scheme for Lucienne (Renoir refresh), with the Ryzen 5000 series limited to the Zen 3 powered Cezanne parts. I mean isn’t that why the Ryzen 4000 naming was skipped for the desktop parts? To bring the core architectures on parity on the mobile and desktop platforms.

The reason for this radical shift is likely two-fold: Firstly, the newer Zen 3 based Cezanne APUs will take some time to enter volume production and will be in relatively short supply compared to Lucienne. Secondly, launching a Zen 3 based lineup would suddenly make the existing Renoir notebooks a lot less atractive which is something AMD wouldn’t want. After all, Team Red and gotten back into the mobile market after a very long time, it’ll be ideal to phase out the older models slowly and steadily.


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