AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU Supply Remains Poor a Week After Launch

It’s been almost a week since AMD launched the Zen 3 based Ryzen 5000 CPUs, but supply is still pretty scarce. We asked some retailers about the number of units they have received to date and how many they’re expecting with the next shipment, while also looking at the figures gathered by other outlets.

Let’s start with the latter. UK’s Scan claims that it has received only 40 units of the 5800X in the latest run, much lesser than originally planned (300-400?). It’s the same with all other UK based retailers such as Amazon UK, OCUK, etc. AMD hasn’t confirmed when the next shipment will arrive and as such, there’s no ETA at the moment.


As per a survey done by ComputerBase, the Ryzen 5 5600X and 5800X supply were notably better than that of the 5900X. Only 3% of readers were able to buy a 5900X while 14% couldn’t. This is in line with other reports we’ve heard about the 5900X being scarce or highly in demand.

We also did a bit of asking around. I spoke to three major retailers in India, and all of them had similar responses. On launch day, the larger stores received roughly around 100-150 units, with moderate-sized retailers limited to just 20-30 units. As far as the next supply run is concerned, all three expect significantly higher units in the next slot, slated to arrive next week. Larger retailers are supposed to get 200-250 units while the smaller ones have booked 50-80 units. Going by these numbers, many if not most consumers should be able to grab a Zen 3 chip next week.


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