AMD Ryzen 4000 Series to Feature 10-Core CPUs to Tackle Intel’s Core i9

It seems that AMD will make some major changes to the core configs of the 4th Gen Ryzen lineup. As per 1usmus, author of Ryzen DRAM calculator, we are going to see 10 core parts based on Zen 3, likely in an attempt to outmaneuver the Core i9-10900K. We already know that Vermeer will switch to 8 core CCXs and ditch the concept of multiple CCXs per CCD. This means a potential 5+5 configuration.

Another core feature that Zen 3 will introduce is the “Curve Optimizer”. This will allow you to modify the boost behavior of the Ryzen 4000 CPUs. With Zen 2, very few chips were able to hit the boost frequency under stock conditions. This should help mitigate that issue. Furthermore, this will also let the user individually tweak the core clocks of every core, allowing for overclocking of the “best core” on every chiplet.

The third feature that Yuri spoke of is with respect to the Infinity Fabric Dividers. Zen 3 will include a more flexible memory controller, allowing higher frequencies in mixed mode. Presently, you can either lock the IF clocks to the memory speeds in a 1:1 ratio, or run them at half the speed (1:2).


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