AMD Ryzen 4000 Renoir Desktop APUs Listed by Motherboard Vendor

Motherboard maker, Biostar has leaked some of the upcoming Ryzen 4000 “Renoir” desktop APUs along with the base clocks and the TDPs. The leaked processors include the Ryzen PRO 4400G, 4400GE, PRO 4200G, 4200GE, PRO 4700G, 4700G, and the 7 4700GE.

The core specifications of the PRO versions will be the same as the consumer parts, so you may use them interchangeably. Basically from the above memo, we know about three desktop Renoir APUs, the 4200G, the 4400G, and the 4700G, plus their low-power (35W) GE variants. The boost clocks are more or less the same, but the boost clocks are expected to vary significantly across the 65W G and 35W GE chips. Furthermore, while the number of Vega graphics cores will also be unchanged, the operating clocks will be different.



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