AMD Ryzen 4000 Desktop CPUs and Navi 2x GPUs Might Launch in October 2020

According to a report from WCCFTech, AMD is looking to launch its Ryzen 4000 desktop CPUs and the 2nd Gen Navi 2x GPUs simultaneously in October this year. The announcement is expected to come earlier, somewhere in early Q3 2020, either late August or September while the hard launch will follow in October.

This appears to be a move from AMD to encourage gamers to build an all AMD system. Amid buggy drivers and lack of 4K GPUs, this has been hard to recommend lately. However, if Team Red does manage to put up a 4K capable Big Navi graphics card with ray-tracing all the other bells and whistles of DX12 Ultimate, it’ll be hard for us to not recommend it.

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AMD launched the “Zen 2” based Ryzen 3000 CPUs and the 1st Gen Navi GPUs (RDNA) last year to an overwhelmingly positive reception. While the former managed to stifle Intel in every price segment, NVIDIA was better prepared to tackle the new RDNA graphics cards. By launching the RTX 20 Supers, Jensen and Co. effectively combated the Navi threat. Although he Radeon RX 5700 series GPUs offer a better price-performance ratio than the Supers, they are relatively slower in comparison and lack ray-tracing and all the DX12 exclusive features that the Turing architecture boasts.

Keep in mind that this rumor hasn’t been confirmed by any of our sources, so take it with a grain of salt. However, as AMD already confirmed at the FAD earlier, their next-gen CPUs and GPUs are slated for launch in Q4 2020, so it can’t be too far off the mark either.


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