AMD Ryzen 4000 Based on Zen 3 to Be a New Architecture; Zen 2 was an Evolution: AMD VP

According to AMD VP, Forrest Norrod the Ryzen 4000 and Epyc Milan CPUs based on the 7nm+ Zen 3 will offer at least as much of a performance uplift as Zen 2 (if not more). Papermaster said this while talking to the media outlet, “The Street”.

Norrod claimed that Zen 2 was more of an evolution of the Zen 2 architecture while Zen 3 will be a completely new architecture, and such will offer a healthy performance boost. While he didn’t outrightly say that Zen 3 will be a bigger upgrade compared to Zen 2, he did confirm that it will be in the same range.

Pointing to Ryzen’s core count compared to Intel chips, Forrest asserted that modern applications greatly benefit from a higher number of cores, but AMD will be taking a balanced approach with regard to the core-IPC equation.

Most of what Norrod says makes sense. The 7nm node will be more mature by then and the use of EUV should allow higher clocks on the Ryzen 4000 CPUs, as well as potential overclocking.

This should also improve yields, making it cheaper for AMD and TSMC to fabricate the Zen 3 wafers. All in all, things are looking pretty good for team red. Zen 3 is supposed to be revealed sometime in the third half of 2020. (http://rxreviewz.com/) I expect these chips to retain the core counts and work on the IPC and core clocks instead.

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