AMD Responds to Ryzen 5000 Limited Supply at Launch

The supply situation for AMD’s Ryzen 5000 CPUs may have been relatively better than NVIDIA’s Ampere cards, but it’s far from sufficient. Many regions, most notably Asia-Pacific and global retailers such as Newegg got little to no supply on day 1.

As already reported yesterday, the Ryzen 9 5900X is the most in-demand Zen 3 part. Whether that’s due to limited supply or excessive demand is hard to say for sure, but it’s likely a combination of both.

AMD’s Frank Azor responded to some queries on Twitter claiming that although the company shipped tons of units, excessive demand drove most stocks out of stock within hours or even minutes.

As per the Alienware Founder, AMD is shipping out additional stock on a daily basis and the shortage should subside within a week or so. This is similar to what our AMD contacts told us. Most stocks are expected to be replenished by the end of this week, although, it’ll take multiple runs to ensure sufficient demand.


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