AMD Reportedly Orders 20,000 5nm Wafers (Monthly) for High-end GPUs w/ TSMC

According to reports from Taiwanese media, AMD has placed orders for 20,000 5nm wafers for a monthly basis with foundry partner, TSMC. This is the second time we’re hearing this, the first was when AMD reportedly stepped in to take over the 5nm space vacated by Huawei.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about GPUs here, and not the upcoming Navi 2x and Big Navi parts. These are the Navi 3 designs based on the RDNA 3 architecture. As per sources, Radeon Technologies Group (RTG) has already taped out the design for the latter, and risk production will begin no sooner than late 2021.

From what I can tell, AMD seems to have reserved space for its Navi 3 silicon orders on the 5nm process, as many vendors including Apple, NVIDIA, Qualcom and possibly even Intel might rely on TSMC’s 5N/N5P node.



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