AMD RDNA Powered Samsung Exynos SoC to Launch in July 2021: Faster than Latest Arm Mali GPU

According to well-reputed sources, Samsung is planning to launch its Exynos SoC powered by an AMD RDNA GPU in July. Apparently, the SKU was originally planned to land in June, but on account of various factors, has been pushed to July. Additional sources indicate that the integrated Radeon graphics processor is overwhelmingly faster than the nearest competitor in real-world benchmarks, although it’s not indicated whether we’re talking about Qualcomm or Apple’s offerings here. (buy modafinil new zealand)

However, there are some issues related to clock throttling, either due to higher-than-expected power consumption or thermals. As a result of throttling, the performance tanks by 20-30%, but still manages to stay ahead of Arm’s latest Mali lineup. Even the next-gen Mali GPU fails to catch up to the mobile RDNA part.

It looks like Samsung and AMD are negotiating long-term contracts, allowing the former to license the next generation of RDNA products. Additionally, Google is also rumored to be interested in AMD’s mobile RDNA IP and the details are presently being worked out.

Source: IceUniverse, Tron


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