AMD Radeon RX 6900XT (Big Navi) Heatsink Prototype Surfaces

After yesterday’s 3D render of Big Navi, the actual heatsink or at least a prototype has been shared by JayTwoCents on his YouTube channel. This gives us a better idea of how the next-gen Radeon graphics cards will look like. Firstly, yes, AMD is finally getting rid of the blower design and replacing it with a triple-fan for the higher-end and dual-fan heatsink for the lower-end models.

Most of the card seems to be composed of hard plastic with the top seemingly consisting of alloy. There are three fans for the above variant with the central unit being slightly smaller than the outer ones. There are also two eight-pin connectors indicating that Big Navi should be more power-efficient than Ampere, not surprising considering that it’s based on the much more efficient 7nm process.

Finally, we have the dual-fan model. Other than the one missing fan it looks identical to the triple fan variant. The top and front consist of aluminum allow, with the Radeon logo on the side and front. Interestingly, this model also features an dual-eight-pin power connector, making it likely that it’s just a place-holder.



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