AMD Radeon RX 6700 8GB Pictured: Featuring Just 8GB of Memory

PowerColor has confirmed the existence of the non-XT variant of the Navi 22-based Radeon RX 6700. The RX 6700, like its XT sibling, is aimed at 1440p gaming, indicating the use of the Navi 22 die. (Adderall) It’s possible that the GPU is the exact same as the 6700 XT (with a few more DCUs switched off), with the sole difference being in terms of the memory buffer. Where the 6700 XT features 12GB of GDDR6 memory, the 6700 is limited to half as much:

AMD’s latest graphics driver also added support for the RX 6700 series, although there was no explicit mention of the 6700 (non-XT). The RX 6700 should feature a core count similar to the RX 5700 (36 vs 40 on the 6700 XT). The memory bus width and speed should be the same as the XT at 192-bit and 14Gbps, with the VRAM buffer cut in half.



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