AMD Radeon Drivers “Adrenalin Edition 2020” Launch with 12% Better Performance, Radeon Boost, Mobile Streaming and Much More

AMD just launched the 2020 Edition of its Radeon Adrenalin drivers promising up to 12% better performance and a slew of other features. This is essentially a direct attack on NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience. However, AMD doesn’t just being the Radeon Software App on par with it, it goes a step further.

Many features such as Integer scaling, In-Game browser, and Motion-Adaptive scaling are missing from GeForce Experience. The days of NVIDIA’s driver and software superiority seem to be behind up. The core features of the AMD Adrenalin 2020 Edition are:

Radeon Boost

Radeon Boost essentially varies the in-game resolution in fast-paced titles to provide the smoothest experience. It detects motion, sequences where details are mostly blurred and intelligently scales down the resolution. This is quite useful because frame rates often dip during action-packed scenes where there are a lot of special effects going around.

AMD is promising an average performance boost of 23% across most titles with as much as 38% in Overwatch. Initial support will be limited to eight games including:

  • Overwatch
  • PUBG
  • Borderlands
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • Destiny 2
  • GTA V

AMD Link

AMD link is team red’s first attack on NVIDIA GameStream. It lets you stream your PC games on your smartphone. Using the Radeon software app and the x265 bit codec, it supports bit-rates up to 50Mbps.

The Android and iOS apps for AMD links are slated to come on today and 23rd December, respectively.

Integer Scaling

Integer scaling is one of the most sought-after features in recent months. Intel recently added it and NVIDIA probably will too soon enough (if they haven’t already).

Integer scaling essentially allows scaling of older and retro games on high-resolution displays to give them a more pixelated look rather than blurred. Best of all, it doesn’t have a performance impact.

In-Game Web Browser

The Radeon Web Browser is exactly what it sounds like. An in-game browser that lets you browse the web without leaving the game. You can go and read walkthroughs, troubleshoot bugs and search for mods without exiting.

Game Center

Game Center is another nifty feature that tracks not only your in-game time but the performance stats as well. Just like GeForce Experience, it lets you optimize the graphics settings of individual games and launch pretty much any game without worrying with the launchers.


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