AMD Radeon Big Navi vs NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 in 4K Gaming Benchmarks

After the Ryzen 5000 announcement yesterday, AMD also showed us a sneak peek of its upcoming Radeon RX 6000 series, with the performance figures at 4K in a few titles.

Update: The results are from Planet3D, not 3DCenter:

Although this data should be treated with caution as it’s straight from AMD and that too in a few select games, it still gives us a rough idea of what to expect from the much anticipated Big Navi GPU.

There’s one red flag here, specifically with respect to ray-tracing. Although we know that AMD will support ray-tracing with RDNA 2, no performance figures have been shown. Neither do we know how it will be implemented. Will the BVH traversal and ray/box-intersecting be offloaded to the dedicated units or will some of it be handled by the shaders as indicated by certain sources. Those are some important questions.

Furthermore, will ray-tracing be implemented in existing games with RTX support? From what I’ve been told, most of them won’t get ray-tracing support on RDNA 2 graphics cards which is a real shame. However, high-profile games like Cyberpunk 2077 will definitely get ray-tracing support on Navi 2x. However, there’s no word on how the performance will be like.


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