AMD Radeon 5600XT was the 2nd Most Sold GPU on Steam in Sep; Ryzen CPU Share Soars to 26%

For the first time this year, AMD’s Navi graphics cards made it to the top 5 best-selling GPUs for the month of September. The Radeon RX 5600 XT was the second most popular graphics card among Steam games, just behind the GeForce GTX 1650 and followed by the GTX 1660 Super. The RTX 2070 Super remained strong, holding the fourth position on the list of best-selling GPUs. The unexpected arrival here is the RX 5500 XT which climbed up to the 5th position out of nowhere.

The RX 5600 XT and 5500 XT accounted for 0.19% and 0.15% of all graphics cards on Steam at the end of September. Both these gains came in a single month which is quite impressive, but at the same unexpected. I reckon the shortage of the RX 5700 graphics card pushed potential buyers towards the next best option, namely the RX 5600 XT:

As for the RX 5500 XT, I honestly have no idea what caused this sudden burst in sales. Moving to the CPU market, AMD now controls nearly 26% of the market among Steam gamers. This is the farthest AMD has come this decade. The last time AMD held close to 30% of the CPU market on Steam was in the late 2000s. This increment continues AMD’s monthly gain of around 1% on the Steam platform. At this rate, AMD should have a market share exceeding 40% by the end of 2021. There’s no telling how the arrival of the Zen 3 based Ryzen 5000 CPUs will affect this figure, so it may as well happen sooner than later.


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