AMD Powers 1st Blockchain-Based Store Game Store, Robot Cache: Mine to Get Free Games and Sell Old Ones

Robot Cache, the world’s first blockchain-based PC Game store is now live. Powered by AMD, it lets you sell your old games and use your space computing power to earn free games via the blockchain currency. Furthermore, AMD Radeon™ graphics cards and Ryzen™ processors users will get free games fast with a special advantage: a 5% perma boost until 12/31/2020! More details here.

FAQs about Robot Cache

How do you Buy Games From Robot Cache?

Buying games is pretty straight-forward. You can just use your credit card like on Steam and the Epic Games Store to buy any game for a rather cheap price.

What makes Robot Cache Special?

The majority of the industry is still at 70/30 split. However, recently there have been attempts at undercutting this, the most popular equation working out to 88/12 revenue split. Meaning 88% of the revenue is pocketed by the devs. Robot Cache takes only 5% of each transaction.

How does Mining on Robot Cache work?

RC used its own custom currency called IRON. Unlike Bitcoin, IRON is not a cryptocurrency, but rather it’s Robot Cache’s platform virtual currency. You can use your computer’s spare resources by turning on the mining option. Small amounts of IRON will accumulate as the pool successfully solves mathematical problems. Each time a new block is discovered by the pool, everyone in the pool receives his or her share. On average, Cachers are earning $10-20/month, some much higher, but it is highly dependent on your rig, setup and electricity costs.

How much is IRON worth?

IRON can then be used to purchase games, but only from Robot Cache. 100 IRON = $1 USD.

Which graphics cards are supported?

All of NVIDIA’s 10 series “Pascal” graphics cards are supported. On AMD’s side, all the Polaris cards, the R9 Fury, Vega as well as the newer Navi GPUs are fully supported. Keep in mind that AMD hardware is more capable at mining than comparable NVIDIA parts.

How can you resell your old video games?

You get 25% of the total price of the game regardless of when you purchased it. You’ll be paid in IRON, not a real currency though. As such, the funds can be used to purchase a new game.

Visit the Robot Cache here!


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