AMD Pollock (5W) APUs Spotted: Rumored to Power MS Surface Go

AMD’s Pollock APUs have been spotted once again. These chips are part of Team Red’s ultra low-power lineup with a TDP of just 4.8W and will reportedly power the next Microsoft Surface Go, among other convertibles. Like Apple, Microsoft is also looking at alternatives to Intel’s Atom chips and unlike the former, AMD is its best bet.

Now for the sub-5W APU itself. Pollock is likely a modified form of the 15W Dali die. Both are dual-core designs based on the 14nm Zen cores (perhaps Zen+ for Pollock). The core difference is in terms of the TDP. As such, Pollock appears to a modified, low-power variant based on Dali.

The Pollock APU spotted today was being tested on an 11.6″ Lenovo convertible. The chip is dubbed as the AMD 3015e. It has two cores and four threads (SMT) running at 1.2GHz (base) and a Vega 3 iGPU. The device is paired with 4GB memory and 64GB of NAND storage.



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