AMD Navi 23 AKA “NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti” Killer Rumored to Launch in 2020

AMD’s been hard at work lately to capture the top-end graphics card market from rival NVIDIA after several years of playing spectator. The last graphics card from team red in this space was the RX FuryX which kept running into a memory bottleneck at 4K while its competitor, the GTX 980 Ti had another 2GBs to spare. This proved that HBM is not suitable for the consumer market and it’s better to stick to the GDDR standard. After all, the GDDR6 powered Turing cards cross the 500GB/s mark without much difficulty with higher figures in reach with moderate overclocking. AMD followed suit with its Radeon RX 5700 series (Navi 10) cards and the results have been encouraging.

After many years, the midrange and upper midrange markets are once again healthy with several options from both major GPU manufacturers. However, the enthusiast 4K range is devoid of Radeon cards and the NVIDIA alternative (RTX 2080 Ti) costs an insane $1,000.

According to the latest bit of info from the 3DCenter forums, the Navi 23 cards will be launching soon with the RX 6000 nomenclature. Build on the advanced 7nm+ node, these GPUs will come equipped with hardware-level ray-tracing and as many as 64 Compute Units (4096 Streaming processors).

While the ray-tracing part of it has been more or less confirmed by AMD’s GPU roadmap as well as the inclusion of the tech in next-gen consoles, it’s still not clear whether they’ll launch an ultra high-end part to compete with the likes of the RTX 2080 Ti.

In case you’re still looking for the mention of these Navi 23 GPUs on the GitHub server, don’t sweat it, the info has been taken down. Even if AMD launches an RTX 2080 Ti competitor, there’s a lot to consider here. NVIDIA is reportedly planning a Super variant of the same and Ampere is just around the corner with better RTX capabilities.

And so is Intel’s Xe graphics card launch. It’s possible that like the RTX 2070 and 2060 Super, the 2080 Ti Super will overshadow the Navi 23 launch, but at the very least we’ll have a GPU that doesn’t cost more than your entire system.


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