AMD Mobile CPU Roadmap Leaks Out: 6nm Zen 3 Processors in 2022

AMD’s mobile roadmap for the next two years has surfaced and it looks like the company has some solid offerings in the pipeline. The existing Renoir processors will be succeeded by Cezanne and Lucienne in 2021, with the former servicing the high-performance 45W segment and the low-power 15W market getting a blend of the two.

While Cezanne will be a Zen 3 CPU core paired with 7nm Vega graphics, Lucienne is essentially a Renoir refresh. From the above figure, it would seem that the latter is only coming to the low-power market while the Cezanne parts will power the entire H-series lineup.

In the ultra-low-power market, we have the 7nm Van Gogh series with a TDP of 9W. It will feature Zen 2 cores paired with Navi 2 graphics and LPDDR5 memory. The 4.5W segment isn’t getting much attention (not that we know of) and will consist of solely one part, namely the Pollock APU lineup which is a Zen CPU paired with 14nm Vega graphics.

Moving further down the line, you’ve got Rembrandt-H in the high-performance market based on the Zen 3 core and Navi 2 graphics. In the low-power 15W segment, you’ve got Rembrandt-U and Barcelo-U. As with the previous generation, Rembrandt is a Zen 3 part paired with Navi 2 graphics on a 6nm node, while Barcelo is a 7nm Cezanne refresh with Zen 3 and 7nm Vega graphics. In the ultra-low-power market, Van Gogh will be succeeded by Dragon Crest which is basically a refresh based on the same 7nm Zen 2 cores and Navi 2 graphics.

On the desktop side, you can expect Warhol (Vermeer refresh or Ryzen 5000 XT) sometime in late 2021 and the Raphael lineup based on TSMC’s 5nm EUV node and the Zen 4 core by the end of 2022. The latter is going to be supported only on the newer AM5 socket, with DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0.

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