AMD Might be Working on 3rd Gen Ryzen 3 3100 and 3300X Quad-Core CPUs

With the Ryzen 3000 CPUs, the company focused on both IPC and single-threaded performance while also increasing the core counts to never-before-seen figures. However, the absence of the lower-end Ryzen 3 parts, if not thoroughly felt, was noticed at the very least. It seems like AMD hasn’t completely forgotten about the budget segment though. A couple of Ryzen 3 parts based on the 7nm Zen 2 core might be announced before Vermeer (Ryzen 4000), after all.


There are two low-end Ryzen 3000 CPUs that are expected to land later this year, namely the Ryzen 3 3100 and the Ryzen 3 3300X. Their specs are as follows:

CPUCores/ThreadsBoost ClockL3 CacheTDP
Ryzen 3 31004/83.9GHz18MB65W
Ryzen 3 3300X4/84.3GHz18MB65W

As you can see, both are quad-core chips with SMT and a boost clock in the 4-4.5GHz range. The 18MB cache means that we’ll be seeing one CCD per chip with some cores disabled, same as the Ryzen 5 3600/3600X. It seems like AMD is salvaging the remaining Zen 2 chiplets before finally moving to the next-gen Zen 3 design. If I were to guess, I’d say the new Ryzen 3 chips will launch sometime in September or October. Considering that we haven’t seen or heard anything about these parts, a Q2 launch is unlikely.

Like the rest of the Ryzen 3000 lineup, these CPUs will come with PCIe 4.0 support and compete against Intel’s upcoming Core i3-10300 and 10300K Comet Lake-S offerings.

AMD Ryzen CCD vs CCX: A Look at the MCM “Chiplet” Architecture



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