AMD May Leverage Samsung Fabs for Some APU and GPU Lineups

According to a Korean source, AMD is looking to diversify its supply lines by reducing foundry reliance on TSMC. It appears that Team Red may leverage Samsung’s fabs for some of its low to mid-range GPUs and APUs. AMD’s present demand requires the chipmaker to expand production by more than 50% but considering TSMC’s growing list of consumers (most notably Intel) that will be difficult, if not impossible.

As such, the company may look towards Samsung to fulfill certain production responsibilities such as the older APU and GPU products. That would allow TSMC to focus on the flagship lineups, thereby improving the supply of the newest products such as Big Navi and Cezanne.

At present, NVIDIA is Samsung’s only major foundry customer, but the former is utilizing a relatively mature 8nm node which is comparable to TSMC’s 10nm process. If AMD signs an outsourcing deal with Samsung, it’ll likely be for the more advanced 7nm or the upcoming 5nm EUV process.

Unlike TSMC, Samsung is planning to use the GAA technology with its 3nm node while the former is content with FinFet. However, as per insiders Samsung’s 7nm and 5nm suffer from poor yields and it remains to be seen how the foundry will address these issues. (americachip.com)



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