AMD Market Share Grows to Almost 20%, Thanks to Ryzen 3000 Lineup, Mobile by 16%

AMD’s road back to glory started with the launch of the Zen microarchitecture back in 2017. However, the company started making rapid gains when the Zen 2 based chips were released in July last year. The Ryzen 3000 CPUs offer better performance than competing Intel chips at highly competitive prices, all the while being more efficient. It’s been a very long time since AMD has stood on this side of the table. And going by the company’s growing shares in the consumer and server markets, Team Red has a very bright 2020 ahead of it.

According to Mercury Research, AMD’s shares market share in the desktop market grew to a whopping 18%. That’s 0.3% higher than Q3 and 2.4% higher than the previous year. AMD presence in the mobility space grew the most, to 16%, a growth of 1.5% compared to last quarter and 4% YoY. This was even before the Ryzen 4000 Renoir mobile APUs were announced.

The server share also grew by a small but steady margin. AMD now has control over 4.5% of the overall server market. This may sound small, but just a few years back it was literally at zero.

We can expect steady gains for AMD in the coming months across all sections. The launch of the Ryzen 4000 Renoir parts should help encourage OEMs to adopt the Zen 2 chips in the mobile space. In the desktop segment, the Ryzen 3000 CPUs have already started getting price cuts in the wake of the imminent announcement of the next-gen Ryzen 4000 “Vermeer” chips. That’ll probably put the final nail in Intel’s coffin in the DIY market.

The server market will most likely see a battle of attrition. As AMD launches the Milan CPUs with 64+ cores and improved IPC, more and more companies will start migrating to the new platform. But considering that Intel has absolute dominance in the server segment, it’ll be a slow and gradual process.


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