AMD Launches A520 Motherboards w/ Support for 4th Gen Ryzen “Vermeer” and 5th Gen “Cezanne” APUs

After multiple rounds of speculations, AMD finally launched the A520 based motherboards, the last member of the 500 series chipsets for budget and entry-level setups. With MSRPs under the $100 mark, these boards will give gamers the option to upgrade to Zen 3 based processors without having to shell out massive amounts of money on the mobo.

The A520 chipset is the only 500 series part that lacks PCIe 4 and overclocking support. While it is a notable upgrade over A320 with multiple Super-Speed USB 3 ports and extended PCIe 3 support, it still leaves much to be desired.

ASUS’ slides also confirm that all three 500 series chipsets will support the Zen 3 family, both Vermeer and Cezanne. As such, users buying one for a present Matisse or Renoir chip won’t have to worry about future-proofing.


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