AMD is now the 8th Largest Semiconductor Company as Share Value Surpasses Intel’s for the 1st Time in History

AMD has surpassed another milestone, becoming the world’s eight largest semiconductor company with a market cap of US$64.462 billion. Shortly after the launch of the Renoir processors for OEMs and SEs, the company shares rallied, breaking the $60 mark and eclipsing Intel’s share value for the first time in history.

AMD follows Broadcom and Qualcomm on the list of largest semiconductor companies (by market cap) with TSMC and Samsung leading the pack. We can expect chipmaker’s value to go even higher as it gears up to launch its much anticipated Zen 3 based Ryzen 4000 and Epyc Milan CPUs later this year. The new processors are expected to bring significant improvements in terms of IPC and clock speeds, thanks to a new core architecture and a revamped L3 cache design.

As per AMD, Zen 3 is on track for launch in the last quarter of 2020. Meanwhile, there’s been no word on the Navi 2x GPUs and the infamous Big Navi GPU in recent months. Word on the street is that the latter might get delayed to early 2021, while Ampere is still slated to launch in the third quarter.

In case you’re curious, here’s the list of the world’s largest semiconductor companies by market cap:

Rank Company Share Price ($) Market Cap in Billion (US$)
1 TSMC 381.50 322.71
2 Samsung 54,100 (KRW) 303.25
3 Intel 61.05 254.04
4 NVIDIA 417.55 250.997
5 Broadcom 313.80 125.767
6 Texas Instruments 132.53 122.881
7 Qualcomm 92.60 103.752
8 AMD 61.79 64.462
9 Micron 51.65 54.961
10 SK Hynix 82,600 (KRW) 50.29


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