AMD Holds Ryzen 7000 Showcase in Mumbai with Media and Board Partners

Following the launch of its Ryzen 7000 CPUs earlier this month, AMD has started holding in-person press events, primarily consisting of hardware showcases, marketing presentations, and board partner exhibits. One such gathering was held on the 13th of October in Bombay (Mumbai), India where Srinivas Reddy, Country head – Channel Sales and Distribution, India and SAARC at AMD went on stage to talk about the capabilities of the next-gen Zen 4 core architecture.

Much of what was covered has already been public knowledge for a while now but hearing about market trends and consumer demand right from the mouths of the people who sell them was a learning experience. Like most DIY markets, the Ryzen 5 5600X was hands down the most popular CPU from the previous generation, and channel partners expect the 7600X to take over that role in the coming months.

We tried asking why AMD decided to keep its core counts unchanged in the client segment, and if IPC gains have started to stagnate within the Zen family but didn’t get a satisfactory answer…yet. One thing was clear from the showcase. Team Red is targeting gamers, especially enthusiasts with its Ryzen 7000 offerings which is why the bulk of the focus went into higher memory and core clocks at the cost of increased TDPs.


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