AMD has Seemingly Discontinued its Threadripper (non-PRO) Enthusiast CPUs

The HEDT market has been dying a slow death. Starting with Intel’s Core-X lineup, and now AMD’s Threadrippers restricted to a very specific niche, workstation processors have moved to the Xeon-W and Threadripper PRO families. Data from Puget Systems indicates that Intel’s Core X offerings began disappearing in the first half of 2021, after which AMD’s Threadrippers dominated the scene.

Chart of AMD Threadripper and Intel Core X System Sales as a Percent of Total Sales from 2020 to 2022

Then in mid-April, AMD’s HEDT sales also fell off a cliff, contributing roughly 0% to PG’s weekly sales figure by May.

Chart of AMD Threadripper System Sales as a Percent of Total Sales from March to May 2022

There are still a few units available at Newegg and Amazon but they’re priced way over the top, going for 1.5-2x the MSRPs.

Screenshot of AMD Threadripper 3000 Series Processors For Sale on Newegg

Intel’s Xeon-W and AMD’s Threadripper PRO lineups are now the go-to processors for serious creators and enthusiasts. However, they’re notably pricier than their non-PRO counterparts on account of the additional security and encryption technologies used by them.

Via: Puget Systems


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