AMD FX-8350 Overclocked to 8.1GHz by Der8auer

Popular German overclocker, Der8auer has managed to overclock AMD’s old Vishera CPU (FX-8350) to an insane 8.1GHz. Keep in mind that the test was performed on just one core using L2 and core voltage was increased to 1.920v using the EVC2 (an external PCB that allows tweaking of the VRM parameters).

Der8auer was able to achieve 8,127MHz on a single CPU which resulted in a single-core score of 172 points, just ahead of the Core i7-7700K. In other words, it puts Vishera’s single-threaded performance on par with Skylake.

Granted, this isn’t safe for everyday use and is an extreme scenario, it shows how the Bulldozer CPUs would have performed if they actually turned out as AMD had originally intended.



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