AMD Facing Acute Shortage of 7nm Ryzen 4000 Mobile Processors

It appears that AMD is barely able to keep up with OEM orders of the 7nm Ryzen 4000 mobile processors, even though the company is all set to become TSMC’s largest 7nm client. Germany OEM, XMG has reported that they are facing a major supply shortage of AMD’s Renoir mobile chips. As per a company representative on Reddit, the supply issues are so acute that laptop orders for August have been delayed until late September.

Furthermore, this problem isn’t limited to one or two OEMs, rather the entire laptop PC industry is facing a serious shortage of the Ryzen 4000 mobile processors. The consequences of this will be far-reaching. We’re not only looking at a possible increase in pricing but also downgrading to lower-end chips or in extreme cases Intel parts as well. (www.cosmopolitanme.com)

On July 31 we received an announcement from our ODM that we are facing a serious CPU shortage from AMD in Q3 2020. Large orders that have recently been confirmed to be shipped from our ODM in the middle and end of August are now supposed to be delayed until the end of September.

This is explained by a serious uptick in demand from larger brands and by what we assume bottlenecks in AMD’s production capacities.

Upon receiving this news on Friday (July 31), we reached out to our corporate contacts in AMD who confirmed that this is an industry-wide shortage and there is no way around it. We currently have an order backlog with our ODM on Ryzen 7 4800H of over 1600 units. Both AMD and our ODM have confirmed that our demand has been allocated (meaning: we will get those CPUs), but the goods won’t reach our ODM before End of September.



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