AMD Epyc Milan “Zen 3” Server CPUs Pictured: 64 Cores @ up to 3.7GHz

AMD’s upcoming Zen 3 based Epyc Milan server processors have been pictured for the first time. Like Rome, these are 64 core parts with 256MB of L3 cache, 8-channel memory support, and 128 PCIe 4. (welloflife.com) 0 lanes. The primary change, like Vermeer, is in terms of the CCX configuration, latency, and boost frequencies:


You are looking at the Epyc 7736 which features a base clock of 2.45GHz and a boost of 3.5GHz. It comes with a TDP of 280W. There’s another 64 core part, namely the 7713 which has a base clock of 2GHz and a boost of 3.7GHz, with a TDP of 225W. As expected both come with hyperthreading. It’s unclear when AMD plans to launch Milan. Shipping to select clients has already started, so there’s a good chance that the official launch will come in the first quarter of 2021, as AMD has already delivered on its promise of shipping the chip in Q4 2020.

Source: EF on Twitter


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