AMD Epyc Milan-X Server CPUs w/ 3D V-Cache Almost Ready For Launch

AMD’s much-anticipated 3D stacked V-Cache processors are quite close to launch, going by leaks from earlier today. Milan-X, the server implementation of X3D is expected to land sometime in the coming months. Like the standard Milan lineup, it’ll be a full-fledged product stack with the core counts ranging from 16 to 64. The existing Epyc processors already pack a massive L3 cache (up to 256MB). It’ll be interesting to see if AMD doubles it with Milan-X, or simply changes the topology.

The following SKUs were spotted by @momomo_us. These are the 16 core, 24 core, 32 core, and 64 core variants of Milan-X, along with their retail OPNs:

  • 7773X 64C 100-000000504
  • 7573X 32C 100-000000506
  • 7473X 24C 100-000000507
  • 7373X 16C 100-000000508

AMD hasn’t demonstrated the impact of 3D stacked cache in server applications. In gaming workloads, the Ryzen 9 5900X sees a notable gain of up to 25% with V-Cache. In the data center space, different workloads react differently to cache size, clocks, and compute density (cores). Certain applications will see a large gain, while others will not be affected as much. Therefore, it remains to be seen how AMD pitches its Milan-X SKUs, and just how costly they’ll be compared to the existing Milan parts. Power, efficiency, and area are certainly going to be key factors, but other than that we don’t know much.


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