AMD Epyc CPUs Powering Supercomputers Sees 3.5x Increase in 2021, 4 of the 10 Fastest SCs Now AMD Powered

AMD’s presence in the world’s fastest supercomputers increased by more than three-fold this year. Compared to just 21 supercomputers in 2020, this year AMD’s Epyc processors power 73 of the world’s fastest computers. Furthermore, out of the 10 fastest SCs, four are powered by Epyc hardware. This includes the fastest supercomputer in Europe, the BullSequana XH2000 of Germany. Highlights of AMD-based “Frontier” and other HPC systems in the industry include:

Forrest Norrod, senior vice president and general manager of the Data Center and Embedded Solutions Division of AMD, said:

As the world seeks to accelerate research and shorten the time to discover valuable information, the demand for supercomputing users has grown exponentially. Through our continuous upgrade and improvement of AMD EPYC CPU and Instinct accelerator, to promote the development of data center technology, we can make research faster, achieve better results, and bring a more positive impact to the world.

Forrest Norrod, Senior VP and GM of the Data Center and Embedded Solutions Division


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