AMD Dragon Range Mobile APUs (16 Cores) to Offer Ryzen 9 5950X Levels of Performance in 15″ Notebooks [Report]

AMD plans on offering proper desktop-grade performance with its upcoming Dragon Range mobile processors. The Ryzen 7000-HX lineup will power the top-end gaming notebooks in 2023 with as many as 16 cores and 32 threads. The boost clocks will easily exceed the 5GHz mark, offering Ryzen 9 5950X levels of performance in a mobile form factor.

In addition to the core and clocks, AMD will also be hiking the power budget of its upcoming high-performance mobility chips. According to Tom, we’re looking at TDP ranges between 55-95W, much like the Alder Lake-HX parts.

Coming to Little Phoenix, this is another quad-core Zen 4 SKU with SMT set to succeed Van Gogh, the chip powering the Steam Deck. Thanks to the 5nm Zen 4 core, we’re looking at a 25-35% performance gain per clock with boost clocks in excess of 4GHz. The iGPU will be a massive upgrade as well: Four RDNA 3 WGPs and 8 CUs, totaling a core count of 1,024. The memory controller will likely be upgraded to 128-but LPDDR5-6400 for a 16% bandwidth boost. If a Steam Deck 2 or a similar handheld console is in the pipeline, it will probably use this part.


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